Core competencies

In our young company we gathered together the strength of experts with many years of experience in the field of implementing business-information solutions for companies.

We work on studying, development, and implementation of different systems for electronic document and record management. As providers of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions we tackle the challenges in our own way:

Evaluating the appropriateness of the solution

We know how to implement an appropriate solution in an already existing technological platform, if the platform enables the establishment of the desired solution.

We advise companies when it is reasonable to establish a solution on the frequently-present platform SharePoint, when to use the SAP business-information system, when is the right opportunity to implement so-called traditional solution ECM, and when is perhaps more reasonable to write a new program for a specific functionality.

Comprehensive service

We view problems in a broad context, therefore we also offer and provide a comprehensive solution:

  • For costumers who already have an established SAP system we automate the processes which demand the intensive integration with SAP using our own solution Akademika (BPM) Framework.
  • For documenting and work processes which are not closely connected with SAP in content, we use either technologies which the company already has on disposal or we suggest the introduction of the Open Text ECM system. In this way we connect different sources of electronic documents and records into a unified system, on the level of archives or on the level of different applications. It is therefore possible to access the SAP records and documents from the Open Text and SharePoint systems and vice versa.

Competent consulting

As certified consultants, we offer comprehensive consulting on SAP, Open Text and SharePoint technologies.

As a partner of the Open Text company, we are integrated into intensive functional enlargement of the SAP system, as it is presently possible to buy more than 10 products from the Open Text portfolio as SAP products. With this, the Open Text company is gaining the status of SAP’s most strategic provider of ECM solutions.

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