Expert knowledge of documents and processes in the SAP environment

We implement solutions for managing documents and processes in SAP with the help of our Akademika (BPM) Framework, implemented in the ABAP and SAP Business Workflow technologies.

Implementation of Open Text ECM

We are implementing the ECM solutions on the Open Text platform for:

  • comprehensive management of SAP documents and records
  • comprehensive management of documents and processes on the basis of the Open Text document management system
  • connecting of business information systems (especially SAP) with the Open Text document management system
  • comprehensive management of records for all SharePoint platform versions with the usage of different solutions of Open Text for integration with the SharePoint systems
  • management of electronic mail records

Establishment of SharePoint portals

We establish portals for corporations based on Share Point technologies which can also perform functions of documenting systems; we also make Web Parts to connect them with the already existing business systems in a company.

Consulting and training

  • We provide consulting and training in SAP technologies (ABAP, Workflow), SharePoint and .NET.
  • We advise and establish internal rules concerning the handling of document and archival materials in accordance with world-wide good practices and current laws.

In the framework of implementing specific business solutions in companies, we provide consulting and help raising awareness about the ECM concept and concepts tightly connected to it, and about good practices and laws in the field of electronic commerce with the stress of introducing safety mechanisms for exchanging and archiving of electronic records through their whole lifecycle.

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