Akademika (BPM) Framework

Our extensive experiences in the field of document management within processes which require tight connections with the SAP business-information system enabled us to start thinking about introducing of our own BMP solution on the basis of ABAP and SAP Business Workflow technologies.

We are pleased to announce that we have succeeded in our goals.

Akademika (BPM) Framework is a world innovation in the field of document and process management in SAP because:

  • it uses the functionalities of SAP integrated workflow (SAP Business Workflow)
  • it shortens the necessary time to implement the individual solution by up to 50% compared to the solution implemented only with the use of integrated SAP workflow
  • it uses its own workflow engine which can be easily configured for implementation of all SAP-related processes
  • it enables different connections

The solution enables different connections with web applications using web forms which can be, when necessary, integrated as Web Parts into SharePoint platforms and this is how the SAP contents (documents and data) are connected with the contents on SharePoint platforms.

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